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Returns ASA Quant

Quote data as of close: 09/27/2022

Fund DI % DI
1 DAY 0,16% 0,05% 308%
This Month 1,11% 0,92% 121%
This Year 0,63% 8,72% 7%
12 months 0,79% 10,81% 7%
24 months - - -
36 months - - -
48 months - - -
60 months - - -

Accumulated Return

  • Fund
  • DI

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ASA Quant aims to obtain returns with low correlation with the market and a good risk-return ratio using models based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence techniques to identify opportunities in the different markets in which it operates. The fund works with two main strategies: one with a lower turnover portfolio, which seeks to select companies with greater upward asymmetry and without directional market risk; and another that seeks to identify the best trends in the market.

Unique Features

The ASA QUANT has differentials, some of which are listed below. Be part of the fund managed with the ASA experience.

Robust investment process, with tested models in different market situations

Resource management based on the systematization of good practices

Ability to operate simultaneously with multiple strategies with different assets and time horizons

Available in the following platforms

Select one of the partner platforms below to invest in the ASA QUANT fund or to open your account:

  • BTG Pactual Digital
  • Banco Daycoval
  • Vitreo
  • ModalMais
  • Warren
  • Necton
  • Ativa Investimentos


Download the documentation referring to the ASA QUANT.

Select one of the partner platforms below to
invest in the ASA Quant fund or to open your account:




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